norskkurs oslo
norskkurs oslo

About the course

Norwegian course Level A1 focuses on the basics of Norwegian vocabulary and grammar. You will learn how to greet in norwegian, how to introduce yourself, how to ask simple questions in your daily life, about the weekdays, seasons and holidays. You will also learn conversations about shopping, different types of food, about your friends and family and many other things that you should and need to know for your daily life in Norway.

You will also learn about how to use different verb forms like – present and past tense, and words for expressing yourself.

  • You will learn Basic grammars and pronounciation
  • You will learn Words and expressions for introduction and questions to others
  • You will learn Words and expressions for common daily situations
  • You will learn how to Ask and answer questions, how to express positive and negative feelings
  • You will learn to Write simple texts about yourself, your family, your life and other things.
  • You will Learn to read simple ads, texts and similar types of texts.


Norwegian course Level A2 will continue to teach you more vocabulary, more grammar skills and the ability to have simple conversations with other norwegians. You will have more conversations, reading in the book and writing and learn more norwegian. After this norwegian course you will be able to:

  • Talk and write about personal relations and other relevant common topics
  • Describe yourself and things around you such as house, area, school, your education and work
  • You will be able to have simple conversations about topics you know and interest for
  • You will know how to express your wishes and feelings to others
  • Have conversations about your family,  your house, economy and much more.
  • Tell about your health and diseases, you will learn how to get appointment at the doctors
  • Read simple texts and personal letters without help.
  • Write simple and easy texts about your personal experience and daily events
  • Use basic grammar structure


Course details

  • BOOKS: PÅ VEI 2018
  • LEVEL: A1 and A2
  • DURATION: 8 – 10 Weeks
  • WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Grammar, vocabular and daily conversations
  • SIZE: Small groups of max 6 – 10 people
  • TEACHERS: Experienced teachers with teaching guarantee






Price for 1 minute

1 person



1 month

Price per person

Level: A1-A2

2 personer 



1 month

Price per person
Group capacity: 2 people
Level: A1-A2

3+ personer



1 month

Price per person

Group capacity: 10 people
Level: A1-A2

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