Norwegian course level A2

About the course:

norwegian course level A2 course book på vei

Norwegian course Level A2 is the next level after A1 and will start at chapter 10 in the same book «På vei» (2012 edition).

This is what you will learn:

Norwegian course Level A2 will continue to teach you more vocabulary, more grammar skills and the ability to have simple conversations with other norwegians. You will have more conversations, reading in the book and writing and learn more norwegian. After this norwegian course you will be able to:

  • Talk and write about personal relations and other relevant common topics
  • Describe yourself and things around you such as house, area, school, your education and work
  • You will be able to have simple conversations about topics you know and interest for
  • You will know how to express your wishes and feelings to others
  • Have conversations about your family,  your house, economy and much more.
  • Tell about your health and diseases, you will learn how to get appointment at the doctors
  • Read simple texts and personal letters without help.
  • Write simple and easy texts about your personal experience and daily events
  • Use basic grammar structure


  • This course lasts 8 sessions in 4 weeks.
  • The sessions are held on two weekday mornings or evenings every week.
  • One lesson hour lasts 45 minutes. A session lasts 2 lesson hours.
  • Weekend sessions are available
  • Online sessions are available

Who is this course for:

This norwegian course level A2 is perfect for you who know some norwegian from before and or have completed norwegian level A1, and also for you who wish to continue learning more norwegian and about the norwegian society. This norwegian course prepares you for the famous norskprøve A1-A2 – this test also gives you the permanent stay permit.

Classroom course: 3990,-
Online course: 3990,-

You will get diploma with minimum 80% attendance and after you have paid the course fee.



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